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Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek) is an island located in the north west part of Greece, in the Ionian sea. The island can be reached by airplane, ferry boats, buses and by car (a local ferry transports the cars from the mainland).

    By plane

You can fly to Corfu either via Athens or directly from other countries. For those who want to visit Athens as well the first alternative is most suitable.

a. From Athens:

The island has regular connection to Athens with three to five flights per day from Aegean Air (member of Star Alliance), Olympic Air and Ryanair.

b. From other countries:

There are many regular and charter connections from other countries to Corfu. For example today 15.09, the following flights connect Corfu with other European destinations:

  • Ryanair from Budapest, Glaskow, Cologne, Venice, London and Manchester
  • Easyjet from London
  • Thomas Cook from the UK
  • British Airways from London
  • Condor from Frankfurt
  • Smartwings from Bratislava, Ostrava, Brno and Prague
  • CSA from Prague
  • Transavia France from Paris
  • Israir from Tel Aviv

There are also flights of Swiss, Vueling, Austrian etc.

You may use skyscanner search engine below, to help you find the best flight combination for you.



Online information for Corfu airport can be found here.


    By ferry boat

You can approach Corfu by boat, crossing the Adriatic Sea. A nice experience of a short cruise, however time consuming. Frequent connections exist to the following ports:

  • Trieste
  • Ancona
  • Bari
  • Venice
  • Patras

More information can be found in the sites:

Local ferry connections from/to Igoumenitsa (for those who will arrive from the mainland by car) can be found here.

Local ferry and hydrofoil connections to Sarande (Albania) can be found here.



    By bus

There are regular bus connections between Athens and Corfu and between Thessaloniki and Corfu.



    By car

This refers mainly to the participants from the Balkan countries. Igoumenitsa is the ending point of Egnatia highway. Egnatia has an East-West orientation and it connects Turkish borders (Kipi – Ipsala) to Ionian Sea (Igoumenitsa port). Cross roads connect the other Balkan countries to Egnatia highway.

From Igoumenitsa, Corfu can be easily reached by the local ferry.


After arriving on the island of Corfu

The Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel is located in Kanoni, an area very close to the city of Kerkyra (the Greek name for Corfu). It is just about 2 km from the airport terminal and 5 km from the port terminal.

For all participants that booked accommodation through our web page, a shuttle bus will wait them in the airport to transfer them to their hotels.